At Maitri Yoga we offer a safe, peaceful space in which you can begin to explore this beautiful practice for yourself. ‘Maitri ’ is a Sanskrit word meaning friendliness, kindness and compassion, the very qualities which we strive for at Maitri Yoga.


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We have different classes to suit everyone. Please click here to see our class schedule.



Our teachers are handpicked to ensure that our students get a well-rounded yoga experience on the mat. Please click here to read more about our teachers.


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“Don’t try to get out of the world, get into it.” Bhagavan Das, What Is yoga? For any questions please feel free to contact us.


Managed by Chantel le Roux and Melanie McIntyre, this studio was first opened in 2011 under the name Living Yoga by Dominique Walker.

Our teachers’ kindness, friendship and compassion make the studio a very special and peaceful place to everyone who practices yoga here.

Continuing where Dom left off, we offer the studio as a haven in which to deepen your yoga practice, finding union between inner and outer worlds.

Yoga is not merely a physical exercise it is a way of life. Practicing yoga has numerous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits and is a means of balancing these aspects of self. Yoga helps to increase our awareness of the inter-connectedness of all living creation and it helps develop the coping skills needed to survive in today’s stressful world. Through the practice of yoga we learn to open our hearts and embrace life with vigour.

We look forward to embarking on this journey of yoga with you.


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