I started practicing yoga as part of a rehabilitation programme after a few injuries, thinking that I could do with a nice gentle stretch. I had no idea how tough it would be – I still remember shaking like a leaf in my first class!

AndrewBut the yoga-bug bit and I found myself practicing regularly and progressing slowly. I have always enjoyed the mix of physical movement, breath and meditation that yoga offers.

After a gap of a few years, I re-started yoga after a health assessment showed that I was overweight, unfit and in need of change. A year of regular practice later, my resting heart rate had dropped 20%, my lung capacity had increased 25% and my recovery time after an ECG test was 20% faster. I found that I was sleeping better and had more patience for people around me.

Teaching yoga is a natural extension of my transformation and being able to share the practice is a privilege and a great joy! I approach yoga with a sense of fun and wonderment, looking to create a balance of strength and flexibility both physically and mentally.

Practice regularly and all is coming.



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