After spending 16 years in the fashion and reality television industry, I decided to get out of the rat race in search of ease. Yoga happened, not just Yoga asana, but Yoga.

Profile Dirk de WaalIt swept me entirely off my feet and before I knew it, I was studying to become a Yoga teacher with Sarah Bentz, Bruce Burger and Jo Gibbon at Living Yoga. After completing my initial 200hour Yoga teacher training, I did a further 100+hour StrĂ¥la Yoga online leadership training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor.

After completing his training, his interest and personal practice shifted away from the active forms of Yoga asana towards the more receptive, restorative and therapeutic styles of Yoga. He continued his training and completed Restorative and Yin Yoga teacher trainings with Shasta Jordan, studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and did further training in Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, Jillian Pransky and Satya Greenstone. My fascination with trying to understanding the cause of human suffering has led me to study Buddhist psychology, contemplative practices, Positive Neuroplasticity and NVC (non-violent communication).

My classes are a blend of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, compassion and mindfulness practices. Integrating MBSR, NVC, Insight Dialogue, Trauma-informed Yoga and Positive Neuroplasticity with yoga asana, teaching students how to change their minds and life by self-regulating their emotional and physical well-being.

I am primarily concerned with holding space for students to slow down, practising deliberate stillness and deep relaxation. I teach the simple art of getting out of your own way, practising how to pause, relax and restore, allowing for the mind to better adjust to dealing with stress in a more responsive and a less reactive way.

I strongly believe that if Yoga is not accessible to someone, it is not Yoga.


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