Bruce was a typical pedestrian of “Western” life, with two degrees in Engineering and an MBA. In 2006 he studied Reiki and thus begun his journey into conscious living.

Bruce-BurgerThis was followed by further esoteric and traditional studies; eventually leading to a deep love of all things Yoga, which he now treasures the most. His current interests relate to all aspects of Yoga, in essence to traditional Yogic studies, with special emphasis on mediation.

In 2011 Bruce became a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga and was taught by Cherryl Duncan and Sarah Bentz of Living Yoga. Their teachings inspired him to teach others to experience Yoga. He emphasizes the Yogi’s individual requirements, and acts as a guide for the Yogi on their personal journey. His love of Yoga is now shared through teaching.

All the teachings of Yoga are within our fabric and thus Bruce encourages students to rediscover the joy of Yoga for themselves through their own regular practice on and off the mat. Yoga unites us back with our creative source, and only the student can do this for themselves, in a sense, becoming their own teacher.

“Yoga is a personal journey of great beauty and it is my honour to guide students on the path that is Yoga.”


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